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1. Happiness, Optimism and Enthusiasm
Because I deeply think that we attract in our life what we are and what we think. Being positive can only help to attract positive things, people and events. Even if this is not scientifically proven, there are many scientific evidences that positive thinkers live longer... I want to be one of those!

2. Freedom and Independence
Because I believe that we are free to create the life we want. We live in a historical moment that offers us multiple options to design our life without depending on governments, companies or third parties to be independent financially. Independence and freedom also mean being responsible for our decisions, actions and assume their consequences for better or worse...

3. Team Work and Cooperation
Because being independent doesn't necessarily mean working by my own but being free to choose the people I want to work with. I think we achieve much more by working together than working alone and we will go much further by collaborating than by competing. I would certainly not have founded Costa CarpeDiem by my own nor Revyoos without my co-founder and the rest of the team.

4. Adventure
Because it is what life is about, an incredible adventure that can be as thrilling or boring as we decide it to be at personal and professional level.  Being an entrepreneur is also an incredible adventure, probably one of the best decisions in my life has been to quit my very comfortable but absolutely boring job in a multi-corporation company as a digital marketer to found my own company.

5. Balance
Because a balanced life is certainly the wisest way of life. Balance between professional and personal life, balance between body, spirit and mind: we are holistic and to be at 100% of energy and health, we have to care and dedicate time to each of those 3 pillars every day. 

6. Volunteering and Solidarity
Because we have to give back to society part of our earnings for a better world and reducing the impact of our activities. I am personally concerned with nature and animals and collaborate with WWF, Greenpeace and a local pet protection association (El Refugio). 

7. Coherence 
Because coherence is maybe not considered as a value by itself but being coherent with oneself is the only way to achieve our goals according to our values. Being coherent means thinking, saying, feeling and doing all in the same way, quite a big challenge!

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